Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I am alone.

I awaken to water. I know not how I got here, but I know that I cannot stay where I am. I take note of my surroundings and see that the only way I can go is up.

I begin to climb.

My body aches with every movement. It is agony. I slip and struggle on the small patch of land, and the thought of stopping enters my mind. That is impossible. I know that if I stop, death is all that awaits me.

After what feels like an extreme amount of time, I reach an impasse, a gap that I am not able to climb. My only option is to attempt to jump. I force all of myself into this effort, knowing inside that I cannot stop.

I did not make it.

Whatever force brought me here, whatever caused... this... left me too weak. I slam into the earthen wall before me, breaking my nose in the process. The pain is immense. I am almost brought to tears.

I sit on the small patch of earth I have landed on, hoping to reflect on my situation. I do not know why I am here. I do not know where here even is. I do not know what I am going to do. For the first time in years, I feel something.


I do not know if I am going to survive.

I am alone.


drumtalker said...

Proud to follow another minecrafter!

Kontingency said...

you're never alone!

Zeek said...

I WANT to love this game, but it seems like a waste of time, in the long run. Can you tell me how it keeps it's appeal?

YardGnome said...

Thanks for the comments, guys! This post was a prototype for a potential Let's Play of Minecraft that I was considering. I typed up a quick entry and some capped some iffy pictures to show some friends. If I get interest in it I might just revisit the concept. What do you think?

The Voice of a Nation said...

i LOVE minecraft cant wait to see more

Fearthezebra said...

Most addicting game next to WoW.

shaman said...

minecraft is such a fun game!

Ingönyama said...

minecraft is an awesome game, the way you make a strange, hostile world habitable is great

THRASHER said...

well done. nice post :)